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Performance Measurement

Multi-currency performance calculations and reporting capabilities

Provide Precision and Insights

With powerful, detailed capabilities, confidently explain and validate the sources of returns down to every contributing basis point. Our solutions provide the precision and insights needed for superior performance analysis.

Broad Spectrum of Powerful Capabilities

Offers powerful functionality, including strong multi-currency capabilities and support for all types of assets and derivative instruments. It features flexible reporting structures with drill-through capabilities, enabling you to navigate from the total fund down to the finest details of individual security level sources of return.
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Unparalleled Level of Detail

Gain incisive insights with detailed metrics, including time-weighted and money-weighted returns and contributions, dollar earned, market values, and cash flows in both the portfolio's base currency and each security's local currency.

Multi-Currency Capabilities

Experience advanced multi-currency capabilities, providing insights into currency impacts on foreign-assets and their cost-of-hedging. Designed to accommodate Global Multi-Currency portfolios, as well as the needs of sophisticated currency overlay managers and hedge funds.

Derivative Instruments

Derivative instruments present significant challenges for most performance software. Our Robust Performance module is designed from the ground up to address these challenges, providing economically meaningful returns by accurately accounting for the notional economic exposures of each derivative instrument

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