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Robust Technologies stands at the forefront of providing cutting-edge software solutions tailored for the intricate needs of modern investment Cutting-edge software solutions for today's investment firms. Our suite of products encompasses comprehensive tools for precise performance measurement, advanced risk analytics, and meticulous management of GIPS® Composites.

Empowering Innovation

At Robust Technologies, we understand that our clients are constantly innovating, developing new investment strategies and incorporating diverse ranges of assets and derivative instruments.

Tailored Solutions for Your Success

 Supporting our clients in their pursuit of growth and success is our utmost priority. We are committed to providing tailored solutions that meet their evolving needs. Our dedication to client requests to fulfill their needs is reflected in the extensive functionality of our software
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Performance Measurement

Gain deep insights into your multi-currency asset portfolios with our comprehensive and detailed performance measurement metrics. Understand the sources of returns and make informed decisions with confidence.



Performance Attribution

Equity, Fixed Income, Security-Level, and Currency Overlay Attribution

Understand and showcase how your investment strategies enhance portfolio value. Our comprehensive attribution analysis empowers you to dissect performance across various dimensions, providing clear insights into the contributions of each investment decision.

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GIPS® Composites

Streamline the entire process of managing composites from start to finish. Effortlessly calculate composites, track portfolio participations, and produce GIPS-compliant presentations with all required measures and disclosures. Be confident that your composites align with industry standards.



Market Index and Benchmark Customization

Customize your benchmarks to precisely match the investment management mandates of your portfolios. Seamlessly blend market indices together with no constraints. Explore the extensive range of customization possibilities tailored to your needs.
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Statistical Performance Measures, Risk-Adjusted Performance, and Risk Attribution

Delve deep into ex-post risk measures to assess performance relative to risk. Evaluate the risks undertaken by portfolio managers to achieve returns and attribute these risks relative to the value added of the portfolio. Gain comprehensive insights into statistical performance measures and risk-adjusted performance.



Client Reporting Tool

Effortlessly streamline your reporting needs with our versatile client reporting tool. Generate an unlimited number of reports, each tailored to serve its specific purpose. From high-level summaries to detailed insights, our tool showcases exactly what you need, ensuring clarity and precision at every level.
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