Robust Composites™ helps you achieve GIPS® compliance for performance reporting. Our product features a flexible means for assigning portfolios to composites, tracking movement of portfolios in and out of composites, managing disclosures at all levels and reporting an expansive selection of statistical measures.

From a high level overview, it is possible to drill-down through individual portfolios and time-frames down to security level details. This permits rapid analysis and validation. The rich detailed reports provide concise information.

Import data can be loaded from flat files or transferred directly from a Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet. Report data can also be viewed and manipulated from within Excel®. Performance data can also be sourced directly from Robust Performance™ with seamless integration.

Disclosures appear as footnote information on the summary reports. Robust Composites™ allows disclosures to be assigned at the global, firm, composite or benchmark levels and all disclosures can be limited to specific date ranges.