Robust Technologies is a boutique firm offering high-end software and consulting services in investment performance measurement, performance attribution, benchmark customization and GIPSĀ® composites performance presentation.

The company was founded in 2006 in response to changing needs in the investment management industry. We felt that performance measurement and attribution solutions needed to be improved in order to meet the expectations of innovative investment managers with modern and sophisticated investment management strategies.

Our current clientele consist of sophisticated investment management firms who seek advanced solutions for addressing their most complex investment performance requirements.

Our business model is to develop privileged relationships with our clients who benefit directly from some of the world's best expertise.

Our software is written using modern technologies and has been designed from the ground up to satisfy the most demanding financial institutions and accommodate smaller firms with limited resources and smaller requirements.

Our mission is to provide the investment management community with the most comprehensive and innovative investment performance solutions offering the richest features eagerly craved by top tier investment management firms.

Our most important value is to remain incontestably the highest quality software provider our clients will ever experience.

If your firm is looking for software to either replace or complement your existing performance solution, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be proud to demonstrate the rich and flexible capabilities of our products and explain how we can address your requirements within your existing constraints and infrastructures.